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Higher Education Management Consultants

What is Kube & Co.?

Kube & Co. is a professional knowledge firm that specializes in consulting services to the private and proprietary sectors of higher education.

Since 1997, our practice has worked diligently to solve the diverse and complex needs of our clients in a myriad of confidential ways. Executive search, regulatory compliance and operational advice and assistance are our strengths – honed by years of active engagement in the higher education community.

Our mission is to find solutions in a timely, economical and accurate way.

Why Use Kube & Co.?

Our clients will tell you in one word – Performance.

The regulatory climate for schools and colleges is more complex than ever before. Changing regulations make it necessary for our clients' business strategies to evolve in a proactive way to remain responsive. We understand these factors.

Our team has access to the knowledge and strategic information you need to remain competitive.

We have the expertise and the ability to find solutions to meet your needs.

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